One Point Lesson is a tool to convey information. Designed to enhance knowledge and skills in a short time, at the right time, whenever needed. To upgrade levels of expertise by having individuals study, learn and then train others in the knowledge or skill.

One Point Lesson – Portrait Template

To download and use One Point Lesson template in portrait mode with training record at the back, please follow this link.
All fields are self explanatory, please let us know if you need any guidance to use it. Free template is in .pdf format, if you need to get editable spreadsheet, please visit this link.

One Point Lesson – Landscape Template

Same as above only in landscape mode, to download follow this link

One Point Lessons can replace “Workplace Alert” – document that suppose to deliver momentary change on production floor, that is related to change in safety, production, packaging or processing. OPL then can be posted right on the spot of the change and staff can review it with trainer and sign.

To help you understand how to create OPLs, please visit our One Point Lesson Directory, where you will find several examples of OPLs. If you require help, either leave a comment below or contact us with brief description of your theme and objective.


  1. I need some help developing single point lesson for our food processing plant, please contact me.

  2. कृपया मुझे नई-नई जानकारियों से अवगत कराते रहे, ताकि मै अपडेट रहूं,,,,,,,,,,
    इस पाठ के लिए आपका ह्रदय से धन्यवाद.

    1. Hi John! Thanks for your interest in our website. Not sure what you are looking for, please contact us if you need any help with implementing TPM or Continuous Improvement program at your manufacturing facility. While travelling in US, I’ve tried yours “Bush’s Showboat Pork & Beans” – very tasty!

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